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Make a great first impression

You only get one chance to make a great first impression with college coaches, which is why a great highlight reel is such a critical part of the recruiting process. It’s virtually impossible to get recruited by a D1 school if they can’t see you in person, and a great video is even more important for D2 and D3 schools, where coaches often have to recruit from video alone. 

At High Def Highlights, we’ll shoot several of your games in beautiful 1080p HD (see 
samples) to produce a highlight reel that you can confidently send to the coaches you want to impress.

We use the best 
cameras and equipment while shooting in 1080p HD, and we’ll edit your highlights using state-of-the-art video editing software. We understand soccer at the highest levels, and know that showcasing your skills is a critical part of the recruiting process. We know the difference between a routine touch and a true highlight, and won’t simply throw every touch into your highlight reel. 

High Def Highlights has quickly become the most recommended video service in the southland. Can't decide which video service to use? Check out our testimonials to see why 
parents won’t turn to anyone else. 

Don’t forget to look at our 
samples or the 2013 Goal of the Year, check out our affordable pricing schedule, and then give us a call to get started.

Our Services include:

  • 1080p HD video from 20’ up 
  • Player & Coach intros
  • Highlights organized by skill set
  • Editing and production
  • Personalized webpage

Contact me to find out more about our services, pricing and scheduling.

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It's about being recruited!!!

High Def Highlights is so proud to congratulate all of its recruited athletes. Click here to see our growing list of schools where our players are playing, will be playing, or are now proud alumni. 

College Recruiting Highlight Videos